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Genairco VH UOD

Charlie Morris

The Genairco VH UOD first flew out of Mascot Sydney Airport in June 1930. It was an all Australian designed and built aircraft manufactured by the General Aircraft Company of Mascot Sydney. VH UOD is the oldest Australian Designed and built aircraft in the world to be still flying. The prototype first flew in December 1929 with seven examples being open cockpit and two being cabin versions very similar to the DeHavilland Fox Moth. My father Dr John Morris flew VH UOD around Australia in 1956, when I was 1 month old, with a total aeronautical experience of 200 hours at the time. No radio, no navaids and no GPS, with a mate that Joe Bromich who was just a passenger. Father of four at that time, my mum said he was mad. Chick Eather one of the earliest Cathay Pacific pilots owned and operated VH UOD just after WW2. Rebuilt in 2006 by Brian Holme and Stu Spencely it is a truly unique part of Australia’s flying history. Very happy at Kilcoy, its base of private operations.

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